Drifty ZZZ’s Delta 9 Gummies


Drifty ZZZ’s – Another name for Restful Night!

These gummies combine three different cannabinoids to promote rest and relaxation: delta-9 THC, CBN, and CBC. They also include other natural extracts to help keep you in that restful state of sleep all night long, including L-Theanine, Chamomile Extract, GAMA, Valerian Root Extract and 5-HTP. All very well known natural sleep aids. Indica based terpenes have been added to enhance this effect as well.

These gummies are made with pectin, making them the perfect Vegan gummy.

Delta-9 THC has relaxing effects, while CBN and CBC enhance the calming effects, add in the indica terpenes and natural extracts and all of this together creates the perfect gummy for sleep and physical relaxation!